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We are passionate Graphic and Sign Makers who take a real interest your business and ideas. We have been in business for over 40 years providing high level standards of work. Please have a read on some of the sections below where we explain what makes Coalville Signs your perfect sign company.

About us

Established in 1978, Coalville Signs was once a small family-run business of sign makers based in Coalville Leicestershire. Since the time we started, we are proud to say that both our business and family have grown! Although we are now much larger and supply to businesses all over England, we still hold to our founding values which were created by the former Managing Director Dave Greatorex as he shaped us and continue to mold and pioneer us as a company. 

As passionate perfectionists, we are highly creative, adventurous and always go the extra mile to provide the end result you imagined. 

How Coalville Signs began
DAVE GREATOREX- A truly remarkable and talented man.

Dave was born in Penrith Cumbria on a farm 1952. He left school at the age of 16 to secure a 5 year apprenticeship with Rusticraft Signs, there his artistic flare, eye for detail and passion showed in his outstanding ability to create, design and manufacture signs of a wide verity. This included House Signs, Vehicle livery to the famous Gold Leaf Lettering to even Hand Signwriting on cannel boats whilst still on the water, just to name a few.

At the end of this apprenticeship Dave moved forward with his career to work for Hickman Signs. During this time now living in Market Harborough Dave married but was sadly made redundant. Later Dave and his wife Pat chose to take the offer placed before them and moved to Coalville leaving their friends and family behind. Dave began working for a company called Atlas Express as a spray painter. A tough few years later with low income within this small mining town of Coalville. With their first child Christopher born where Pat and Dave finally moved into their first family home together. After the birth of their second child Emma Dave made a very brave decision to return to the Signwriting Industry. Now self employed. Dave declared Coalville Signs open for business in November 1978.

Coalville Signs began in the small back bedroom within their home, in those days prior to computers and the internet Dave relied heavily upon word of mouth and a steady hand. Strumming his guitar and singing when allowed.
As the work load increased Dave gave Coalville Signs a solid base from a base from thei  first business unit on the Orton Industrial Estate seeking regular work from local companies within the small town.

Dave’s passion, tireless hard work and commitment to Coalville Signs progressed into him employing an apprentice followed by multiple members of staff. His wife Pat working in the office answering calls and accounting became a key member of Coalville Signs and with her support gave Dave the time to nurture and complement all and teach his signwriting skills to the next generation.

As time moved on taking into account the progression into the world of computing Dave and Coalville Signs moved locations again to have a bigger unit. Flourishing and progressing more and more with each year passing the use of computing and Dave's rare individual, original Signwriting ability and skills enabled Dave and Coalville Signs to become very well-known member of the community and a very respected Sign Manufacturer.

As the Sign Industry grew larger and become more popular Dave and Pat moving with the times employed more members of staff. With Coalville Signs loaded with the best computers and vinyl cutting machines the expansion and progression into yet another large unit. Thus enabling Coalville Signs to continue Creating the right image

After 40 years of hard work Dave keeping his family at the forefront and being the driving force towards his long successful career Coalville Signs sadly said goodbye to Dave after he suddenly passed away in January 2017.

Coalville Signs continues to grow, developed and trade in his memory with loyal and devoted customers, family and staff.

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