Exhibition Displays

Coalville Signs can create a variety of PVC banners, covering all sizes and specifications to suit your marketing needs. From mesh building wraps and suspended banner frames, to floor standing banners and drapes, our specialist sign makers work with you to turn around your bespoke designs as quickly as possible.

Roll-Up Banners

Portable freestanding banners can be used for conferences or events and are assembled in minutes. Our range of exhibition banners can be used time and time again and graphics can be changed regularly on this low-cost advertising medium, making them extremely versatile bits of equipment.

Exhibition banners tend to take the form of roller banners - pop up displays which are extremely portable and can be assembled as part of your promotional display within minutes. The printed graphic of the roller banner can be changed or replaced with ease and new graphics can be created at any of our local centres in a matter of days. We use the latest in wide format printing technology which means we can print your design with a rich palette of colours that really stand out. 

Printed roller banners are ideal for events and short term promotions but can also be used as part of a permanent advertisement or as an informational sign in receptions and lobbies. Pop-up banners and roller banners are a popular choice for portable exhibition banners as they can be stored and transported in canvas or padded bags. 

At Coalville Signs We specially trained sign writers who can take your design ideas from paper to exhibition banner and guide you on the best practices in promotional signage.


Looking for a freestanding and eyecatching advertising solution for your premises? Coalville Signs range of printed flags offer high impact with the versatility of being easily assembled and anchored in place.

Flags, whether freestanding or wall-mounted, are a great solution for outdoor advertising. Promotional flags offer a cost-effective and highly visible sign that can be easily updated and come in both portable and fixed options. 

Our advertising flags are available in many different shapes and sizes including traditional rectangular flags, teardrop flags and feather flags. You can have your flags printed to perfectly match your company branding or to advertise a particular event. Teardrop and feather flags are two of the most popular options for promo flags, both offer ample printing space and can be adapted to suit any brand, event or message.

Exterior Banners

If you are looking for a versatile exterior banner that can be used and re-used for a number of different applications - then look no further than a full colour PVC banner. All of our banners are weather proof, fade resistant and made from PVC tough enough to withstand wear from the elements.

PVC Banners are extremely versatile and can be mounted, hung or suspended - making them one of the most popular weather-proof exterior signage solutions provided by Signs Express.

We use wide format digital colour printers that allow our clients to translate any branding or complex imagery into beautiful exterior banners to catch the eye of customers and passers-by. 

Banner tracking or mounting exterior banners in frames will keep your custom vinyl banner taut and message visible to all. Our team of expert fitters can wall mount and frame your signage high above your premises for maximum exposure, or we can mount them on external railings, fences or any other location that suits your signage needs. 

We have no size limits on our outdoor printed banners so please contact your local centre for further information regarding sizing and shape. We have a fast turnaround on PVC banners and look after the exterior banners for many national companies. If you need a personalised service across more than one premises, please contact our national accounts team. 

Hanging Banners

Attract the attention of your customers and visitors with our superb range of hanging banners - a cost effective, high visibility promotional tool that can be designed to suit your corporate branding and promote products or services.

Ideal for use in the retail sector as part of your point of sale material, hanging banners are also great for advertising events in towns and cities, promoting school events or as part of your business display and exhibition tool kit.

Hanging banners are an effective form of advertising for indoor and outdoor promotion. Outdoor hanging banners are an eye-catching addition to a building exterior and can be wall-mounted or tensioned between two poles to appear floating from the wall. Interior hanging signs can really make an impact without disturbing pedestrian foot flow; ceiling banners are a perfect way to promote your brand, event or product from above!

Exterior banners are usually made from PVC because of the weather resistant properties that they provide. These hanging banners can be printed in full colour and Signs Express can provide replacement graphics to compliment your current marketing promotions.

Banner Frames

Banners mounted within frames enable you to advertise in open or tricky spaces without the necessity of buildings or substrates for support. Our banner frames can take the shape of A-frames or triangle supports so they can be portable and used at different events and locations.

Banner frames are a great free standing solution for displaying banners of all shapes and sizes in any location. A-frame banner stands and triangular banner frames can be single, or double-sided so that your message and branding can be seen from multiple angles, perfect if you have a lot of pedestrians or passing traffic coming from different directions. 

In addition to standard free standing banner frames, we can also provide square frames which can be permanently installed to walls or fences for mounting banners, similar to signage you may find outside car dealerships or business premises that have a forecourt. 

PVC banners which are installed inside the banner frames can be easily replaced to coincide with your current promotion or event. We can provide banner frames in completely bespoke sizes so you can make the best use of your space. Alternatively, we have many common sizes readily available and can deliver new PVC graphics via express post if you have a new promotion that you need to roll-out quickly. 

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