Window Graphics

Window graphics provide decoration, privacy, security and are also an important health and safety consideration.

Window Graphics

Window graphics provide decoration, privacy, security and are also an important health and safety consideration.

Large areas of glass need to be marked to prevent accidental collision and, in the retail environment especially, present an ideal area for promotional window graphics. By using our range of specialist window films, you can achieve all the benefits of tinted or reinforced glass at a fraction of the cost. Our solar control window films can reduce harmful UV rays as well as reduce fading of stock and furniture by up to 99%.

Etched Windows Graphics

Etched window vinyls are a cost effective method to get the very most out of the windowed areas of your business premises. They can be used to create privacy, provide markings for health and safety compliance, as a unique decorative feature or to re-inforce branding.

Generally used as decorative boarders, they usually include corporate branding and a patterned design that fits nicely in keeping with the rest of your brand colours and ethos

Modern city centre establishments use etched windows for meeting rooms to gain both the benefits of light coming in to a room whilst also making areas private. Restaurant seating and serving areas are also popular locations for etched vinyl window graphics, making premises appear larger yet more enclosed. It can also transform office environments by providing enhanced privacy in busy communal areas.

Window Film

There are a variety of methods available to mark your window areas - all can be removed and replaced making them a perfect promotional tool.

Modern window film gives a contemporary feel to your business premises whilst providing functionality and privacy. It also helps glass areas conform to health and safety regulations.

Window film is the perfect solution for making bare windows stand out. Regulations require large glass pane areas in the work place to be marked, which means many businesses use window film that compliments the surrounding decor or amplifies the business branding to provide a logo or message that can be seen by every passer-by.

When branding isn't appropriate, window film can take the shape of patterns or full colour images giving a visual message that echoes the ethos of the business. Typical window film applications can cover only a portion of a glass area or the entire surface of the window, providing a complete low-cost privacy solution for offices or working areas. 

Window films can be part of a large range of glass signage solutions and includes:

  • Safety films

  • Anti-graffiti films

  • Privacy films

  • Solar control

  • Point of sale

  • Promotional graphics

  • Cut vinyl

  • Photographic images

  • Window graphics

  • Frosted glass

  • Window tinting

  • Etched windows

Full Colour Window Graphics

A variety of colour and photographic images can be used to promote specific products and services on your windows.

Many business premises have large glass areas which are obscured by blinds or reflective tinting. Full colour window graphics allow you to retain this level of privacy whilst turning your windows and glass into bright eye-catching advertisements.

If you have a design idea in mind for your full colour window graphics, we can help bring ideas to fruition and provide clients with digital image mock ups that show exactly how your full colour window graphics will look once installed.

Solar Control Window Film

Heat reduction films can be extremely beneficial to office occupants as they not only reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass but can also reject the number of harmful UV rays by as much as 90%. This in turn can have a positive impact on heating/air conditioning bills as well as the efficiency of staff. 

Office blocks and buildings which have a lot of windowed areas often opt for solar control on all of their windows to stop sun-glare distracting workers and eliminating glare from window facing computer monitors and screens. Solar control is the smart alternative to using sun blinds as it provides the perfect amount of light without it becoming a nuisance.

Solar control can also provide a level of privacy for lower or ground level windows. These are usually in silver or dark shades of green and can be used in conjunction with other types of window graphics to provide privacy or a form of advertising.

One Way Vision Film

One way vision film is a digitally printed form of window graphic that is used to enhance privacy whilst promoting your company's marketing messages. The film is a cost effective way to secure privacy of restricted areas whislt also communicating a message of your choice.

Most often used on vehicle windows but also available for building windows, one-way vision film is a perforated vinyl film which allows you to see out but restricts vision in.

It can be made from any large graphic you already have in mind such as a branded design on a wall or vehicle graphic. Intricate full colour designs can be used to create an attractive addition to your window space whilst giving you one-way vision through the glass or window area.

Typical installations include large glass areas that can be used as advertising space (such as car show rooms) and other glass panelled buildings. One way vision film can be manufactured and fitted very quickly which means it can be the perfect solution when you need to temporarily obscure an area of a premises for an event or to coincide with new sales promotion.

One way vision film can obscure an area of business premises that may be untidy or is unsuitable for the public eye whilst allowing one way vision and providing a large scale advertising medium.

Modular glass or windowed areas can be taken into account when designing graphics for one way vision film with designers using different areas of an installation with different colours to provide an effective illustrated message catching the eye of passers-by.

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